Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mexico! Olah! (62)

More Excursions

Well - here we are - heading out on the "booze cruise." This was my favorite excursion of our Hautulco trip. Officially it was a boat cruise around 4 or 5 of the 9 bays of the area with a stop for snorkeling. The booze was liberally offered, although I must say that I think most of the passengers on our lower deck were quite conservative, there were a few rowdier folks on the upper deck, but nothing that bothered us - everyone was well behaved!

Gratuitous pix of pelican. My new favorite bird!

Next up are some pix of the little harbour marina where we got on the boat.

This is the boat we were on (above).

Note the pelicans on the posts.

Pix from the boat - they are probably not in order, but I hope you like them all.

I left this one (above) in because you can see the hills in the background. Remember it was the dry season, so nothing was green.

We stopped in one bay to go snorkeling. I loved this! That's me in the green/blue bathing suit.

Those not wanting to snorkel had the option of spending some time on the beach (below). Joe stayed on the boat and took pix from there.

We stopped for lunch at the place below.

These are from the lunch place.

I believe these are pelicans. Will have to check with Joe on that point.


" Rock Face." So named for obvious reasons. Close up below.

These buildings are not finished. We noticed everywhere we went there were unfinished building projects.
Here we are back at the marina. Pelicans everywhere - flying around, perched on boats, posts, rocks - anywhere they can find a spot.

Now - the following pix are from our turtles and croc excursion. After we saw the crocs, we stopped for lunch at this place. The bus was too big to navigate down the narrow road so we got out to walk down to the restaurant. The first pix below shows us walking past a grave yard.

The following four pix are more of the grave yard.

Above, below, the restaurant exterior - street side.

Below pix are taken from the water side of the restaurant.

This is a very heat exhausted me with Rodrigue, our tour guide.

Still more Mexico to come - stay tuned!