Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stuck on New York

These are still pix from our NY trip a couple or more years ago now - Nov/09!  There are still too many pix here, but considering what I started with, it's just a fraction.  Too many pix to go through is just overwhelming, which is one reason I'm so slow getting these up.  Anyway - these are from the day that we did the Circle Line boat tour around NYC.  The Circle Line claim to fame is that a Circle Line boat was the first to the scene when the US Airbus flight "landed" in the river in Jan/09 - all passengers and crew were rescued. 
I see a few of these pix are out of order, but I'll just leave them. 
The day started out overcast, but then the sun cracked through for a bit, so you'll see that when you look at the pix - the later ones are brighter. 

Our walk to the pier.

Looking across to New Jersey.

Circle Line.


Brooklyn Bridge.

Mayor's house (above).

UN building (above).