Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eric Graduates!

Eric attended the Audio Engineering program at the Centre of Art and Technology in Kelowna - a two year program. We attended his graduation ceremony on August 26, 2010! Yay! I love graduations!

Monique and Eric.

Monique, Eric and Mary.

Monique and Eric.

Grandma Elsie, Monique, Eric, and Grandpa Jack.

Elsie, Eric and Jack.
Congratulations Eric!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mr. Dylke and Mr. Bond

In the years that Craig's friend Peter shows up in Calgary, we have a tradition of taking their picture in their "poses." Here they are in August 2010. These two refuse to grow up!

Here they are - wrestling the notorious T-Rex.
Dylke and Bond.

Dylke and Bond.

Dylke, Bond and Friends.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dinner at Chris and Karl's - April

Way back in April, my Mom and Dad showed up in Calgary. One of the "family things" we did was go over to my sister Chris's place for dinner. I got a few pix - but unfortunately, not of everyone. Here are the better ones of the pix I did get....

Carol and Chris (or as Joe likes to say - the "Ugly Step Sisters" - although they really aren't all that ugly! :)

This is Chris's friend's daughter. Chris's friend is Joanne - but for the life of me, at this moment I cannot remember daughter's name.

Rhonwyn and Craig. This is the best one I got - still not too great. We need to practice.


J's daughter, Karl, Rhonwyn, Craig.


Chris, Carol, Mom.
Chris, Carol, Mary, Mom.

Chris, Carol, Mary, Mom.

New York, New York (78)

Nov 4/10

We struck off to the American Museum of Natural History. To get there, we took the subway - it was pretty easy - and an experience of it's own. No pix though.

Anyway - the museum is a big place - we didn't see nearly all of it - because it's big, and because I was fighting off a migraine - a fight I lost mid afternoon - so we had to cut our visit short. However, we did get to the "important" part - the dinosaur floor. Dinosaurs greet you in the entry lobby as well - now made famous in Night at the Museum.

There are many other interesting things in the museum - it's not just dinos, prehistoric reptiles, fish and mammals - but that's mostly what we took pix of.

So - here I am in the lobby.

And some fish.

From a museum window.

I guess I was standing crooked when I took this...

There are also some dioramas - this one of the arctic.

Finally- for Pam - our hotel room. Small but nice. We were actually pretty pleased with the hotel - the Carleton on Madison.