Friday, August 14, 2009

Fred and Arlette's 50th Anniversary (69)

Uncle Fred (Dad's younger brother) and Aunt Arlette celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 4. Cousin Marj hosted a party for them in Canmore on June 6 while they were travelling in the west (they live in Montreal). So here are the pix....

From Marj's deck. Nice view, eh?

Uncle Bob and Joe deep in conversation.

Cousin Marj and Greg - our gracious hostess and host.


Carol, Fred, Chris and Cousin Laurie.


Arlette and Cory.

Carol with a lucky shamrock.


Kevin (Marj and Greg's son) and Laura.

Mom and Aunt Mary (Dad's sister).

Elsie - my Mom. She's really hard to get a good pix of - this is a REALLY GOOD one!

Aunt Mary.

Bob, Joe, and Jack (my Dad).

Lee's friend and Lee.

Marj was quite animated about something!

Eleanor (the daughter of Marj) and Marj (the Mom of Eleanor).


Karl and his camera.


Laurie and Hector.


Oh - here's Karl with his camera again!

Eleanor and Marj.

Jack (Dad) was tasked with giving a little speech to the special couple. Here he is composing his speech.

Kevin pitching to Rocy (El and Cory's son).

Rocy missing.

Trying again.

Laura observing from the stands - oh - not a real ball park....

Look - you can see the ball in the air!

Rocy is a little imp!

Dad composing.

Mary, Fred and Bob.

With Arlette.

The grub!

The cakes - two because it was also Toni's birthday.

Here she is - I think she is nine - Toni (El and Cory's daughter).

Rocy and Toni - brother and sister.

The honoured couple.

Kevin and Laura.

Jack speechifying.

Elsie and Carol listening to the speech.

More speechifying.




Bob listening to speeches/toasts.


Listening to speeches/toasts.



Arlette and Fred.

Laurie and Hector.


The "inlaws and the outlaws": Bob and Mary - Fred and Arlette - Jack and Elsie. Mary, Fred and Jack are siblings - the "outlaws." Bob, Arlette and Elsie are the "inlaws."


Lee, Carol, Mary, Chris, Jack and Elsie. Siblings and parents.



Fred and Arlette - well it is their party, hence lots of pix of them!

Kevin, Laura, Bob, Mary, Marj, Greg, Cory and Eleanor with Rocy and Toni in front.

That's the party, folks!