Monday, March 24, 2008

More Spring - Flowers! (30)

Spring Flowers

It seems Cousin Marj started something! Captain Chris sent snow pix to Marj, then she sent them to everyone else, they ended up on my blog (see Spring Snow posting #27). Then Uncle Fred sent some. Same thing. Now we're into Spring Flower pix, so thought I'd start a new posting.

Apparently spring has arrived in Canmore. Marj sends crocus pix with the following comments:

Dad forwarded me an astounding email yesterday, from his naturalist friends the McIvors, who had found a few little crocuses blooming in Banff on the 21st. Dad was amazed, as in a lifetime in the Bow Valley, the earliest he ever remembered seeing crocuses in bloom was on his birthday (March 27). So all this inspired me to go out after church today and check out the Lady MacDonald benches, which is where I usually find the earliest crocuses in Canmore. And sure enough, I found some! When I found the first few like this last year, it was on April 8th! The first one I found was the little one still wearing her fur coat, and I thought that might be it, but then I found the others, braving the cold, further down the trail. They're still pretty small, and hugging the ground for warmth, but even so, I guess it really is spring!

Yes folks, I really do have relatives that keep track of things like the "earliest crocuses."

Here they are - and in case you are wondering - these really are crocuses - they are the wild kind, not the nice tame kind you find in your garden. The wild ones are sort of furry - I could imagine them driving around in a '60s VW microbus.

So then Cousin Sandy sent a few more crocus pix from Naniamo. These are tame variety - more streamlined - perhaps tooling around in a '65 Mustang. OK - work with me here - my point is that the "domestic" and "wild" crocuses have different sorts of "personalities" - if that's even possible for flowers. But I digress.

Not only did Sandy send the pix, she also demonstrated her considerable talent as a poet! Here, for all the world, is a poem by Cousin Sandy:

Spring has sprung,
The flowers are growing.
Grass getting too long
It needs a good mowing.

The crocus is finished
And the daff almost done.
The rhodos are starting
To burst forth in the sun.

When the leaves have come out
And the blooms are on show.
We'll send spring on
To those buried in snow!

And here are the pix!

Once again - happy spring everyone!

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