Monday, July 14, 2008

Denver - June 7 and 8, 2008 (38)

Denver - June 7 and 8

After nearly a week of constant touring and "doing stuff" we woke up to a beautiful sunny day and decided what we really needed to do was not much. So we went for a walk around the 'hood.

And a very nice 'hood it is! Lots of flowers and interesting little homes. Elaine's area is older and chalk full of smallish brick houses. As happens in older areas, at least we have personally experienced this, is that new people with lots of money and a desire for bigger homes move in and either tear down the original homes or add on - making newer, bigger places. This changes the character of the neighbourhood over time. This is happening in Elaine's area. The good news is that it's just starting so she's still got some time. Also, although she doesn't believe us, it's good for her resale value, as property values will increase. In any event, she can enjoy it now - it truly is a lovely part of Denver.

Following are some of the shots I took on our walk. Since I don't know the plant names, I'll leave that for you to figure out - I can tell you the colours - purple, yellow, pink, blue, red, etc. :) Helpful, I know!

We went into the local recreation centre and encountered this killer vending machine!

In the evening, we all got gussied up again to go to another concert - Three Mo Divas. at the Denver Centre

The Denver Centre is quite a neat complex - worth a visit even if not attending an event. Unfortunately - it was too dark for pix, so you'll have to check the www.

It was very nice to meet Elaine's friends, Sandy and Doug - we had a great time over dinner and then at the show. Good times!

So - that's about it for our Denver trip - on June 8 we got up, poked around having breakfast, packing, trying to erase traces of our occupation of Elaine's basement, then got in her little Subaru one last time as she drove us to the airport.

All in all - a nice week away from home.

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