Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mexico! Olah! (61)

Puerto Vallarta - January 2007

Whale Watching and a few Birds

Tropical King Bird



Golden cheeked woodpecker.

We went whale watching while we were in Puerto Vallarta. Humpback whales live in the bay there - all you need is a boat to get out to see them. This was one of the tours the tour company offered and we're always in for whale watching!

Taken from the boat on the way out to the whales.

This one doesn't really show any whales, but I put it in to show proximity to our resort, which is the complex in left centre of the pix. There are two Riu resorts - ours was the left one.

We also saw a number of little dolphins - I don't know what kind they are - Craig might know.

Note the little dolphin dorsal there, too.

Here we are back again - the blue awning marks the boat we were on.

New condo development.
Not much commentary necessary here - we love doing this kind of thing. The whales are amazing.

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