Monday, May 25, 2009

Mexico! Olah! (63)

Airborne and Urban Hautulco

OK - I've got to get the rest of these Mexico pix up! I think this was an overly ambitious project to get three trips up - we've been busy with a lot of other stuff around here, so blogging time is short!

Anyway - enough of that - here we are in the air on the way to Hautulco in January 2009.

Wind farm. I have no idea where these pix are - but somewhere in Southern US.

I think the mountains are into Mexico, but not real sure about that.

This peak I'm pretty sure is in Mexico.

The first full day after our arrival, we went on the "city" tour of Hautulco. It's really just a few city blocks - not a big place at all. If you're going to Mexico for "city life" don't go to Hautulco. They always take you though local businesses to make it easy to spend money. Here the tequila samples were being doled out.

And a textile shop.

Here's the town square. It was late in the afternoon, so the lighting isn't great.

The big church - La Crucecita. There was a ceremony going on when we were there, so we didn't go in too far so as not to interrupt. The kids were dressed for the occasion.

Flowers, heat and water - the reasons we go to Mexico.

So - there you have it - downtown Hautulco. A nice little place, but certainly not Metropolis!

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