Sunday, July 31, 2011

Craig and Rhonwyn Wedding Reception

Craig and Rhonwyn were married on May 10, 2011 at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. They held their Canadian wedding reception at our house. Karl took the pix.


Chris and Eric.


Eric, Craig and Rhonwyn.

Joe, Mary, Eric, Craig and Rhonwyn.

Eric (the new brother-in-law!) and Rhonwyn.

Chris, Elsie, Carol, Mary, Jack, Eric, Craig, Joe, and Rhonwyn.

The weather cooperated! This was amazing as it had been pretty crappy right up until the day of the party. The party was very successful. Now the new bride and groom and in Oz, celebrating with Rhonwyn's family - wedding reception number two!

Karl did take other pix of many of the guests. I'll leave it to Craig and Rhonwyn to share those.

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