Sunday, May 27, 2012

Elsie and Jack's 60th Anniversary

Mom and Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary was May 16, 2012.  We had a party at our place to celebrate on May 19.  The flowers from Mom's friend Francis arrived first.  We had our dino-greeter spruced up and Dan make some signage so folks would know a PARTY was happening at our house!
Scott and Ian.
Lea and Harold.
Kathy, Monica and Ivea.
Mark, Mom and Dad.


Mom and Dad. Then Dad again.
Greg, Mom, Dad with Kathy back there, too.

Vickie, Wendy, Mark behind Mom, Mom, Chris just barely, and Dad.
Mark, Mom, Carol, Dad.

Vickie and Wendy
More of Mom and Dad.

Eric is peaking out behind the baloon.  We didn't get a good shot of him  :(

Scott, Mary, Ian.

Scott, Mary.



Aunt Mary.

Mom, Dad, Greg.
Mom, Dad, Eric, Greg - about to cut the cake.

Smoochy, smoochy (close your eyes!).

Vic and Mom (brother and sister).
Toasting, roasting...

Out on the deck.  Monica, Vic, Elsie and Jack.  Vic and Mom are brother and sister.

Monica and Vic.

 Elsie and Jack.

Mary, Elsie and Jack.  Mary and Jack are siblings.
Mary, Elsie, Jack, Arlette, Fred.  Mary, Jack and Fred are siblings.

Arlette and Fred.
Vickie, Elsie and Jack  Vickie is Elsie's niece.

Chris, Mary, Elsie, Jack and Carol.  Mom, Dad and kids.  Lee, the other sister, was not able to attend.

 Chris, Mary, Elsie, Carol, Laurie.  Laurie is Jack's niece.
 Chris, Arlette, Mary, Elsie, Carol, Laurie and Marjory.  Arlette is Jack's sister-in-law.  Laurie and Marj are Jack's nieces - Laurie's Dad is George (deceased) and Marj's Mom is Mary, who is in some of the other pix.
Hector and Laurie.
Mark - Chris's son. Mark did a fabulous job of catering and cooking for the party.

Chris and Karl - pooped after a busy day!

Carol (above) and Dan (below) - also chillin' after a busy day.

Blogger and I were having an argumentative day so I just gave up.  Pix are not in order here - these are before the party started.  Dad was itching to try out the helium canister to fill the balloons so he started filling the balloons. 

Mom, Dad with Greg, Kevin and Kathy in the background.
Mark, Chris and Eric.
Dad's brother Fred, below.   

I think everyone had a good time.  Really - 60 years!  That's pretty fantastic!

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Pam said...

Fabulous photos and looks like a great party! All the best to your Mom and Dad - many congratulations! Looks like fun was had by all. Wish I could have been there!