Thursday, July 25, 2013

About a Month After the Calgary Flood of 2013

These pix are about a month after the peak of the flood.  We rode our bikes right down to the river to take a look.  The water is much lower and we can see the aftermath of the previous weeks.  The power of the water is very impressive as you can see.

 This is what we see when we cross onto the island in the river along the bike path.  Horizontal trees and sign posts.  Ripped up trees.

 Not sure where this boardwalk belongs, but not here.
 We live at the top of this hill; hence, our place was "high and dry".

 This is very interesting - all the river rock was deposited here - you can see the distinct line where it stops (above).
 All the trees were flattened/buried in the rock.

 Here is Joe for scale - so you can see the water pushed material up at least 10 feet on this tree.

 The river looks pretty calm tonight and it's starting to get its usual blue-green colour back - a change from the brown mud that it's been the last six weeks or so.

 There are also silt deposits further down.

 This is the river bank on the south side - Bowness.  A lot of the river bank was eroded away and a lot of debris piled up in the trees along the bank.

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