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New Zealand Road Trip - December 18, 2007 (15)

December 18, 2007

Back in the car, on the road, heading north - destination Napier. Another cool, overcast, sometimes rainy day. We stopped the car up in the mountains and it was actually downright cold!

This is a New Zealand farm. But that's not why we took the pix. If you look really closely, you might, just might, be able to see the row of wind turbines on the ridge in the background. Well, maybe not - but believe me - they are there.

I zoomed this pix as well as I could - you might be able to see the turbines a bit better here. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure where this is other than north of Wellington - there are a number of wind farms in the region. Click here for a map of New Zealand wind farms.

This is a "dairy" (corner store) in a little place called Norsewood, where we stopped for lunch. We went in here for an ice cream cone. This is very typical of "dairies" all over NZ - urban centres and small towns.

The edge of Norsewood.

The edge of Norsewood.

I had to take this pix - "Eric Street" for Eric. This is also Norsewood. There is a strong Scandinavian influence in this region.

The following are a few pix we took after we got our motel in Napier. We found the Muddy Creek Wetland just on the edge of town. It was getting darker and it was overcast to start with, so most of the bird pix were underexposed and not too good. I won't include them here - we have some pretty decent pix of they same types of birds in other posts.

Pied Stilts.

Beach by wetland.

Beach by wetland. Joe notes that Napier is in the distance, although it doesn't show up as such in this pix.

Beach by wetland.

So ends another travel day. We spent the next day looking around Napier.

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