Tuesday, November 11, 2008

September 2008 Road Trip (46)

September Road Trip
Day 2 - September 14

Well - here we are in Peachland. This is our "lazy day" to visit with my parents, who retired here over 20 years ago and love it!

Peachland is conflicted. It wants to be a sleepy little retirement town, but wants to be a resort in the summer. Since the folks have been out there, the population has grown considerably (mostly retirees) and the downtown has morphed into a nice little beach town with some interesting shops and restaurants. Still small and nice, but overrun with tourists in summer. By September (when we were there), most have gone home and it's back to being the quiet little place that it really wants to be.

Main street.
Gausthaus restaurant - nice, but expensive.

Okanagan Lake.

It occured to me that the weeping willows by the lake would be palm trees in more tropical places.

The moon often comes up over the hills across the lake. This pix is taken from Mom's balcony. This is the view they have every day!

The boys and I spent many Stampede weeks (first week of July) in Peachland during the years that they were growing up and Joe was working long days at the Stampede. Peachland has been a terrific place to have someone to visit!

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