Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ellen Turns 100! - Yup One Hundred Years Old! (43)

Ellen's 100th Birthday - November 3, 2008

Every once in awhile, a family has occasion to celebrate a significant milestone. Joe's Mom was 100 years old on November 3, 2008. If that's not significant, not sure what would be...

The sibs held a party on September 6 and another on November 1 to celebrate the big day. Joe's sister Elaine was visiting from Denver in September and, as she wasn't sure if she would be able to return in November, it was decided to have an "unofficial" advanced family party in September. It happened that Craig was also visiting from New Zealand, so he was able to attend the September affair. As it turned out, Elaine did make it back for the "official" November party, which was expanded to friends and other relatives.

We attended both, but most pictures were taken in September. Except for the cake, food and flower pix, which I took before the crowd was assembled on November 1, the pix below are all from the September event. In November, it just seemed too crowded and I had too many distractions to take pix. So here are the pix - food from November, people in September.

Irene, Joe's sister, made the cake. Cake decorating seems to be a family tradition, as Joe's Mom also used to do cakes, but of course has not for many years. Irene has carried the torch and has been doing cakes for quite a long time - she did our wedding cake and that was 32 years ago!
Just to be clear - the whole thing is an Irene creation - she even made the flowers on the cake! Great, eh?

Poppycock is another family tradition - I know one of the sisters made this, but not sure which one. The important point here is that it was just as good as it looks!

Here's Marjorie.




Maria and Ryan.



Craig - he can't help himself sometimes! :)

Craig - very attentive here.











Shaun and Dennis.


Here they are - the sibs. For those not familiar with the family, Joe is the youngest of nine - he has five sisters and three brothers. There is, by my standards, a huge age difference between the eldest and youngest. Joe's oldest sibs are about the same age as my parents so it's like two generations in one set of siblings. The eldest two brothers are deceased, so in the above pix, you see the surviving sibs with Cecile, Willard's widow. The little girl is Rachel, Wynette's daughter. Ellen, of course, is in the wheelchair.

The great grandkids in attendance - Shaun, Colton and Rachel.

Grandkids in attendance.

Mary (not me - the other Mary).

Elaine and Joe.

The daughters - Mary is missing and Maxine (daughter-in-law) is standing in.

Dennis with his family - those in attendance.

Well - here is my favourite group! Joe, Mary, Craig - unfortunately Eric was in Kelowna so was unable to attend.

Here we are again.

Shaun and Colton.

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