Thursday, August 5, 2010

New York, New York (78)

Nov 4/10

We struck off to the American Museum of Natural History. To get there, we took the subway - it was pretty easy - and an experience of it's own. No pix though.

Anyway - the museum is a big place - we didn't see nearly all of it - because it's big, and because I was fighting off a migraine - a fight I lost mid afternoon - so we had to cut our visit short. However, we did get to the "important" part - the dinosaur floor. Dinosaurs greet you in the entry lobby as well - now made famous in Night at the Museum.

There are many other interesting things in the museum - it's not just dinos, prehistoric reptiles, fish and mammals - but that's mostly what we took pix of.

So - here I am in the lobby.

And some fish.

From a museum window.

I guess I was standing crooked when I took this...

There are also some dioramas - this one of the arctic.

Finally- for Pam - our hotel room. Small but nice. We were actually pretty pleased with the hotel - the Carleton on Madison.

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