Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dinner at Chris and Karl's - April

Way back in April, my Mom and Dad showed up in Calgary. One of the "family things" we did was go over to my sister Chris's place for dinner. I got a few pix - but unfortunately, not of everyone. Here are the better ones of the pix I did get....

Carol and Chris (or as Joe likes to say - the "Ugly Step Sisters" - although they really aren't all that ugly! :)

This is Chris's friend's daughter. Chris's friend is Joanne - but for the life of me, at this moment I cannot remember daughter's name.

Rhonwyn and Craig. This is the best one I got - still not too great. We need to practice.


J's daughter, Karl, Rhonwyn, Craig.


Chris, Carol, Mom.
Chris, Carol, Mary, Mom.

Chris, Carol, Mary, Mom.

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