Monday, February 2, 2009

80th Birthday Party! (56)

Jack and Elsie's 80th Birthday Party!

Jack and Elsie are my parents. Jack's birthday is November 21 and Elsie's is December 20. They were both born in 1928, which means they were 80 at the end of 2008.

Dad typically has an annual hunting trip to Alberta in the fall. Mom typically comes out for a visit while Dad's off hunting, putting her in the province as well. I suggested that while they were both in Alberta that we have a birthday party for them. There are quite a few relatives in the province and a trip to Calgary in the fall is quite manageable for most. So that's what we did.

80th Birthday Party on October 18th!

One of the cousins took over the camera and took some pix.

Elsie and "her girls." Mary, Carol, Lee, Chris, and Elsie.

The whole famn damily. Jack, Mary, Carol, Lee, Chris and Elsie.

The birthday kids!


And again! They're not looking too bad considering their ancient age! :) Well you know I've got to get a dig in somewhere!

Birthday kids cutting the cake.

Aunt Arlette and Toni (Eleanor's daughter).

Arlette, Aunt Mary and Eleanor (Mary's granddaughter).

Cousin Laurinda and Elsie.

Jack, Uncle Bob, Uncle Fred and Doug (Carol's father-in-law).

Toni and Rocy - sister and brother - they know where the good stuff is!

Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Jack - they are siblings - can you tell?

Arlette and Fred. Mary and Bob. Elsie and Jack. The "in laws" and the "outlaws" as they are fond of saying.

Cousin Laurinda, Chris, and Cousin Vickie.

There were many other relatives in attendance - once again I can only post what I have. Apologies to folks who were there and don't appear here - or maybe you're just as happy about that! :)
The folks had a really nice time visiting with everyone. Fred and Arlette flew out from Montreal for the occasion, which was really nice.
I think 80 used to be a pretty ripe old age, but people are living a lot longer now than ever before. On top of that, all my grandparents were well into their 80s and two of them made it into their 90s before they succumbed. I'm looking forward to my folks kicking around for a long time to come! They're still going strong.

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