Monday, February 2, 2009

Banff and Lake Louise (55)

Banff and Lake Lousie in October 2008

Pam came to visit in October. We always try to think of something new to do when she's here. Believe it or not, Joe and I haven't been to Banff/Lake Louise for YEARS - probably over 20 years. We usually go as far as the relatives in Canmore or go zooming by on our way to the Okanagan. I'd been to a conference at Banff back in the spring and was reminded of just how lovely it is there so we decided this visit, we'd take a day and go to Banff.


Banff is the largest town in Banff National Park, in Alberta's Rockies, Canada. It is also the first incorporated municipality located within a national park in Canada. At 1,463 m (4,800 ft), it is the town with the highest elevation in Canada. It is surrounded by mountains, notably Mount Rundle, Sulphur Mountain, Mount Norquay, and Cascade Mountain; and situated above Bow Falls near the junction of the Bow and Spray Rivers. Banff is located 126 km (78 mi) west of Calgary and 58 km (36 mi) east of Lake Louise, on the Trans-Canada Highway. The Town is a member of the Calgary Regional Partnership.,_Alberta

The day started out rather grey, but ended up not too bad in terms of weather, as you'll see by the pix.

First stop was at a park below the Banff Springs Hotel.

Here is a Happy Pam.

Looking down Banff Avenue, Banff. I believe that is Cascade Mountain. I'll have to get some of my relatives to assist with mountain names.
This is the Banff Gondola parking lot.

There's a Joe.

Happy Pam again.

I had a difficult time getting a good pix of the Banff Springs Hotel - the sun was always in the wrong place. Here is one of the better pix.

Picture taking Pam.

Mary and Pam.

Mary and Pam again!

Banff Springs Hotel - still trying for a good shot.

Deer Family. After much research (yay Wikipedia!) we think mule deer. Dad can let me know if we're right. He says - yes - mule deer!

Mazda 3, Pam and Joe.

Pam and Joe.

Pam was having a Mountain Moment!

More Mountain Moments!

This one is Castle Mountain!

Lake Louise
Lake Louise is not so far from Banff and since we'd gone that far, we decided we'd "go all the way" - to Lake Louise.
Lake Louise -- Canada's "Diamond in the Wilderness," and the "Hiking Capital of Canada". This area offers a tremendous diversity of recreational and sightseeing opportunities. Lake Louise is home to one of North America's finest downhill ski areas, and has numerous hiking and walking trails. The region abounds with spectacular scenery, from glaciers to waterfalls.

There were actually lots of people around in spite of the fact that it was between summer tourist season and winter ski season. We even ran into our friend, Margaret, at the Hotel.

Whisky Jack.

Moraine Lake not far from Lake Louise.

There was a fringe of ice along the far side where it was in more shade during the day.


So ends our day to Banff/Lake Louise. I think we should go more often!

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