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September 2008 Road Trip (54)

The Road Home

We only had enough time for one night in Nanaimo - time was running out. So Tuesday morning Sandy and Harlow drove us around Nanaimo before we left for the ferry. We set sail on the Queen of Cowichan - this time for Horseshoe Bay (Vancouver). Another grey day.

This is the ferry beside ours - it's one of the new ones - ours was older.

There is Vancouver.

We hopped on the highway through West then North Vancouver - aiming for my long time friend Judy's place. She and son Sean were home. We got there in time for dinner and a great visit. Her home was undergoing a renovation project and Joe really enjoyed chatting with their contractor, Klaus.
We stayed over night at Jude's, went for breakfast at a nice place by the water (sorry - can't remember the name of the place).

This is Judy and her oldest son, Sean. The thing that you need to know about Judy is that she's 5'10"! So Sean is one tall boy - I believe about 6'4". Both Jude's boys are tall - logical as Greg, her hubby, is also very tall. Of course being a shrimp, I'm always impressed by tallness!
So from North Van, we aimed for Surrey and dinner with Amy and Ralph. Amy is a very special person to me - she was my grade 7 and 8 teacher. Can't really explain it - she's just special and we've kept in touch over all these years.

Joe and Amy - I did take other pix, but this was the only decent one of the lot.
From Surrey, we kept on to Pam's in Abbottsford. It was quite late and very dark by the time we arrived. We stayed two nights - took a day to visit and rest up for the last leg of our trip.

Pam's condo complex is near this little pond. It was much nicer when I was there in the spring, but I mistakenly deleted the pix I took of it then, so here it is in the fall. The ducks were still there, though!

We went out for dinner to a new Irish pub type place. At the moment I can't remember the name of it - this is not a great pix, but it proves we were there!

From Pam's we drove back up to Peachland. Eric came out for dinner and we all went down to the Gausthause. Again, proves we were there!

Our final stop was in Salmon Arm on the way back to Calgary. Joe's niece, Marie, and her family live there. We stopped for a very short visit before moving on.

There is a series of seven (I think) tunnels on the highway near Roger's Pass. The tunnels protect the highway from avalanches in winter. I took these pix for folks who haven't seen them.

The entry.

Inside with the exit at the end. A couple of the tunnels are fairly long.

The fall colours are really out now.... It's about two weeks after we left home.

From here we cruised in to Calgary - another fun road trip over. It was a bit tight to fit everything in - but we did it. Always too much to do and see in too little time.

Hope you enjoyed checking out the pix maybe you'll be inspired to make a similar trip sometime.

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