Monday, February 2, 2009

September 2008 Road Trip (53)

Victoria to Nanaimo via Chemainus

It was another sunny day - Monday, September 23 - when we left Victoria heading north on the Trans Canada highway. Our goal was to get to Nanaimo in time for dinner. Here are a few pix taken along the way from highway stops.

The BC coast is so beautiful - especially when its sunny!

Neither of us had been to Chemainus, even though we've been to the Island many times and have often heard of it. We saw the sign and turned off to check it out for the first time. Chemainus is a small place known for the many murals that have been painted on the downtown buildings. The murals depict historical events and personalities. There is also the usual assortment of shops and I actually made a couple of purchases.
For a virtual tour of the murals, chick here.

Joe with "Solar Powered Compacting Trash Can"

And I always have to get my shot of reality in - here is the "real" Chemainus.

Chemainus was really lovely the day we were there and we would have liked to have stayed longer, but Barb, Randy, Sandy and Harlow were expecting us for dinner in Nanaimo.
We arrived in Nanaimo and they were chomping at the bit to take us out to the Dingy Dock Pub. It was truly a beautiful night and the Dingy Dock Pub is a really nice spot on a little island (Protection Island) in the harbour at Nanaimo. But alas, once again, we went dashing off without the camera - it's really too bad because we would have been able to get some awesome pix.
Click here for a pix of the interior of the Dingy Dock Pub. It's the best I could find.
We did, however, have a fun visit with former Calgary neighbours Barb and Randy, and my cousin Sandy and her husband Harlow, formerly of Cochrane. The truly "small world" thing is that without knowing Barb and Randy, Sandy and Harlow bought the house right next door to Barb and Randy, who moved to Nanaimo two years before Sandy and Harlow! So when we go - they have to fight over us! Well - maybe not - maybe it's " you get them" - "no YOU get them" :)
Anyway - however they worked it out - we had a nice visit with both households. Thanks for having us, folks!

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