Friday, February 13, 2009

Mexico! Olah! (57)


We've made three trips to Mexico: Manzanillo in late 2005, Puerto Vallarta in January 2007 and Huatulco in January 2009. Because I have a lot of pictures and I'm a bit insane, I'm going to attempt a "compare and contrast" series of our three trips.

My caveat is that we are not adventurous. We go to Mexico strictly because it's warm and sunny. It's simply to get away from our cold, dark winter days and from the demands of every day life for a week.

We don't speak any Spanish - and not too inclined to learn at this point. As much as we love to learn about different places, we also appreciate our safety and two little white people who don't speak the language make an obvious target. So we book into all inclusive resorts where the food and water are good and stick with the tours offered by the tour companies. We leave the self-guided tours to braver folk. If you want to know about the "real" Mexico - I won't be able to tell you about it. All I can share are our experiences.

Since our visits have followed the same pattern, I'll be doing groups of pix from each place based on a theme. Hope you enjoy!

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